Configure VRS

VRS is used to improve the quality of incoming images in order to make it easier for Kofax Capture to understand them. In Kofax Import Connector, each destination can have its own VRS settings.

However, you can use the image conversion of import connector to modify the resolution/color of an image and then use VRS for further processing.

  1. Edit a destination. See Destinations Tasks.
  2. Go to the Import settings tab.
  3. Optional. Configure color conversion or image scaling that should occur before VRS.
  4. Select one of the VRS options:
    • VRS only original images content

    • VRS all images

    • None

  5. Select Use VRS engine for PDF to TIFF conversion to convert PDF documents to TIFF format using VRS.
    Note You must select PDF as your Convert to format to use this feature. Otherwise the PDF is converted to TIFF before reaching VRS.

    This option allows you to process larger PDF documents.

  6. Click VRS Settings. The VRS Settings window is displayed.

    The window is divided into 4 main parts:

    1. The top left part shows a sample image.

    2. The top right part shows the sample image after VRS processing.

    3. The bottom left part shows the menu.

    4. The bottom right part lists the various VRS parameters.

  7. Configure the VRS parameters and test them:
    1. Click Open File for Testing and select an image.
    2. Modify the VRS parameters.
    3. Click Test Current Settings to see the results of VRS processing.
    4. Use the commands from the View menu to modify the zoom and switch pages (for multipage TIF documents).
    5. Repeat steps b to d until you are satisfied with the results.
  8. Click Save VRS Parameters to apply the changes for this destination.
  9. Optional. Click Save VRS Parameters to Profile to reuse the same settings in other destinations; or for backup.
    Note All VRS profiles are stored in the file KCIC ElectronicDocuments KC Plug-In VRSProfiles.xml in the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Kofax\KCIC - Electronic Documents\KC Plug-In\Config\. Take this file if you need to transfer your profiles to another computer.
  10. Click Exit to conclude VRS configuration.

Enabling VRS multithreading

If you are using VRS exclusively for processing TIF files, enable VRS to work with multiple connections.

  1. Open the file KIC-ED-KCPlugin.xml from the folder C:\ProgramData\Kofax\KIC-ED\KCPlugIn\config in the text editor.
  2. Change the value of the parameter VRSMultiThreadingSupport from false to true.

    False (default)

    If you are using a single connection, use VRS for both TIF and PDF. If you are using multiple connections, VRS fails for both TIF and PDF.


    For TIF, VRS can be used with multiple connections. However, for PDF, VRS always fails.

  3. Save and close the file.