PDF normalization

When you select to convert your message content to PDF in the destination configuration, Kofax Import Connector actually converts all non-PDF parts of the message to an ISO-standardized version of PDF, the PDF/A. However, Kofax Import Connector can also convert PDF parts to PDF/A.

  • If Microsoft Office is selected as conversion tool in MS Office Documents, conversion of excel documents will result in PDF documents rather than PDF/A documents.
  • Conversion to PDF/A depends on the normalization capability of the 3rd party product used in Kofax Import Connector for this purpose. Given that and the complexity of the PDF/A document conversion in general, it cannot be guaranteed that compliance to PDF/A is achieved by 100 % for every converted document.

Enabling Conversion to PDF/A for PDF Documents

  1. Configure a destination. See Destinations Tasks for the general procedure.
  2. On the Advanced Conversion and Import tab, select Normalize PDF documents to PDFA.
  3. Click OK to save changes.
  4. Click Restart Service.