Import XFA files

PDF documents with Adobe XML Forms Architecture (XFA forms) can be imported and converted using Kofax Import Connector.

Adobe Experience Manager is required. The following prerequisites apply:

If support for Adobe LiveCycle is available, you can also use Adobe LiveCycle for conversion of XFA Forms.

  • Adobe Experience Manager server must be installed, configured, and accessible to Kofax Import Connector. The Output service must be running and its web service enabled and working properly.

  • Adobe Experience Manager software must be on a different computer than Kofax Import Connector. However, we recommend to install it in the same network LAN segment (to decrease the probability of timeouts and retries).

  • The minimum supported version for Adobe Experience Manager is 6.3. Contact Kofax Support before upgrading to a new version. If you are using Adobe LiveCycle, the minimum supported version is ES3.

  • You must acquire the Adobe Experience Manager product through an appropriate Adobe Sales Channel. Kofax does not ship, install, support or troubleshoot the Adobe Experience Manager. The customer using this feature is responsible any licensing requirements and maintenance contract and/or agreements required by Adobe and any of third party vendor that may be involved.

Configuration steps in Kofax Import Connector:

  1. In Message Connector, enter the information about connecting to the Adobe Experience Manager on the Adobe Experience Manager tab.
  2. In KC Plug-In, configure a destination: On the Advanced Conversion and Import tab, select Convert XFA forms using Adobe Experience Manager.

    Enabling this feature can negatively impact the performance. Each PDF document is sent to document converter to determine if it is XFA form or standard PDF.

All limitations imposed by Adobe apply. For example, only XFA PDFs with no rights, signature, or certification can be converted to PDF or PDF/A. See your Adobe Experience Manager documentation.

When an exception occurs while using Adobe Experience Manager, Kofax Import Connector reports the same exception in its log file and the document is treated as a standard document conversion error.