Render XML documents

Kofax Import Connector can be configured to render structured XML data as PDF and/or TIFF. Two basic use cases are foreseen:

  • Render incoming XML documents.

  • Render only the metadata of any document as some kind of cover sheet.

The rendering is performed via an XSL transformation that has to be generated by the visual tool called Altova StyleVision.

Important: In this document, Altova StyleVision tool is used to describe all XML rendering. You can use any other tool. This tool can be installed on any computer. Kofax Import Connector does not need this at run time.

  1. Edit a destination. See Destinations Tasks.
  2. Go to the Import settings tab.
  3. To render XML documents, select XML Type. (If you only want to create cover sheets from document metadata, this step is not required.)
  4. Select Message rendering.
  5. Select the preferred image type (TIFF or PDF), resolution and color.
  6. Click Show Files for Visual Designer to display the folder where Kofax Import Connector stores the files required for XML rendering.
    It is the same folder that contains the files for XML mapping.
  7. If Altova StyleVision is not installed locally, copy the entire folder to the Altova StyleVision computer.
  8. Open the .sps project file in Altova StyleVision.
  9. Use the XML elements from the Schema Tree to create an XSLT style sheet that defines how information should be organized in PDF/TIFF format.

    Altova StyleVision

    If Altova StyleVision is not installed locally and you add graphics (images) to the style sheet, copy them to the folder where the project file (*.sps) is located. When importing the graphics, make sure that you are using relative paths (clear the Absolute Path checkbox).

  10. Save the project file. On the File menu, click Save.
  11. Save the result to an XSLT file. On the File menu, expand Save Generated Files and select Save Generated XSLT RTF File. You must save the file to the same directory where the .sps file is located. Change the file name to Render.xslt.
  12. If Altova StyleVision is not installed locally, copy the entire folder back to the KC Plug-In computer (to the original location).
  13. Optional. Click Preview to view a rendered XML document (or metadata).
  14. Close the Destination configuration window and restart KC Plug-In.

Altova StyleVision is a third-party software that requires a license. This software is not included with Kofax Import Connector. Also, the licenses for Kofax Import Connector will not help you operating Altova StyleVision.