Biscom fax server

In addition to configuring the connection to the Biscom fax server in KC Plug-In, Biscom client software must be installed and a user/extension should be identified on the fax server for use with Kofax Import Connector. Work with your fax server administrator to complete the following steps.

Configure Biscom server

  1. On the Biscom fax server, start the FAXCOM Administrator tool.
  2. Create (or reserve) a user/extension for use with Kofax Import Connector.
  3. Enable the network share connection to the Biscom server and note the service path.
  4. Close the tool.

Install FAXCOM Client

  1. On the Message Connector computer(s), install the Biscom client software, the FAXCOM Client.
  2. If the computer where the FAXCOM Client is installed belongs to a Windows domain, run this command (only necessary when the domain user lacks access rights to the Biscom share):
    Net Use <Biscom_service_path> /USER:<Biscom_user> <password>
  3. Start the FAXCOM Client from the FAXCOM group of the Windows Start menu.
  4. Type the login information and click OK. You must be able to connect.

    On successful login, the FAXCOM Client window is displayed.

    Biscom FAXCOM Client

  5. Close the client.