General settings window

Use this window to configure how Kofax Import Connector should integrate with Kofax Capture. For example, whether to use user profiles.

User ID and Password

Type the Kofax Capture user ID and password. These fields are only required if User Profiles feature is enabled in Kofax Capture.

By default, the "Password" field is always displayed as blank.

When editing the settings, provide the password for a user only if it is changed. Once you enter the new password and save the folder settings, password provided here will override the stored password.

Test credentials button

Click to verify that the user profile information is valid. In Kofax Capture, user profiles can be managed via the Kofax Capture Administration module.

Cache import process instance

Select this option if you want to keep Kofax Import Connector connected to Kofax Capture and log off only on shutdown. Selecting this option improves the performance. If this option is not selected, Kofax Import Connector will log on to Kofax Capture each time a batch is imported, and it will log off afterwards.

Number of KIC process instances

Type the number of parallel process instances of KC Plug-In. You can choose values from "1" to "8"; the default value is "1". Selecting multiple instances can improve performance, however, it requires more hardware resources. When sufficient resources are not available, additional instances may fail to start.

Use UTC time

Select this option if you want to use the UTC time for all imported documents. When not selected, the local time of the Kofax Capture server is used.

When importing faxes from Biscom fax server, the time stamps are only correct if Message Connector and the fax server use the same time-zone setting.

Log files path

Select a custom path for saving the log files of KC Plug-In. If no path is selected, log files are saved at the default path.

Log level

Select the type of log level required for the logging the information. You can select "INFO" or "DEBUG". INFO level logs general information about each event/action. DEBUG level logs detailed information about each event/action. Default log level is INFO.