VRS Settings window

Use this window to edit VRS settings. In Kofax Import Connector, each destination can have its own VRS settings.

However, you can use the image conversion of import connector to modify the resolution/color of an image and then use VRS for further processing.

The window is divided into four main parts:

  • The top left part shows a sample image.

  • The top right part shows the sample image after VRS processing.

  • The bottom left part shows the menu.

  • The bottom right part lists the various VRS parameters.

File menu

Open File for Testing

Click and select a sample image. You can use this image to test the various VRS parameters.

Reload VRS Parameters

Click to reload the VRS parameters of this destination. The default values are restored if the destination had no saved VRS parameters.

Save VRS Parameters

Click to save VRS parameters for this destination.

Load VRS Parameters from Profile

Click to load a VRS profile.

Save VRS Parameters to Profile

Click to save current values as a VRS profile. Use profiles to apply the same VRS settings to multiple destinations.

Remove VRS Profile

Click and select one of the profiles to delete.

View menu

Original Size, Full Page, Zoom Page Height, Zoom Page Width

Use these buttons to control the zoom level. You can also zoom using mouse: draw a box using the right mouse button. Use the left mouse button to scroll the images.

Previous Page, Next Page

Use these buttons to flip pages (for multipage TIF images).

Action menu

Test Current Settings

Click to run VRS processing on the sample image. The result is displayed in the top right part of the window.


Click to close the VRS Settings window.

VRS Result tab

This tab shows the result of the last VRS processing.