Configure Kofax Import Connector

This chapter describes the most common tasks necessary to configure Kofax Import Connector.

The tasks below does not describes all the parameters. They are described in the KC Plug-In and Message Connector online helps.

A general procedure for configuring Kofax Import Connector includes:

  1. Add at least one batch class to Kofax Capture and publish it. Refer to the Kofax Capture documentation for information about batch classes. You can use sample batch classes. See Import batch classes.
  2. Optional. To differentiate between XML documents and handle them differently, define XML types. Kofax Import Connector can identify XML documents with a particular namespace and root element. See XML types.
  3. Create a destination using a batch class and, optionally, an XML type. See Destinations Tasks.
  4. Connect KC Plug-In to Message Connector. See Add connections.
  5. Select and configure one or more sources to import documents from:
  6. Optional. To differentiate how to handle specific messages, add rules that change the default destination. See Configure rules.
  7. Set up the tools for document conversion. See Document conversion in Message Connector.
  8. Select what to do in case of failures. See Manage failed messages manually.
  9. Start the KC Plug-In service. See Start and stop the KC Plug-In service.