Plugin enabled

Once a plugin is loaded by adding it to the load list, its configuration settings are made available for configuration. One of the settings is the "enabled" switch. It has to be turned to "true" to activate a plugin. It also controls how the plugin will be run.

Plugins can be activated:

  • On a global basis for all accounts.

    This is accomplished by activating the "enabled" global setting for the plugin.

  • On an account basis.

    The "enabled" setting can be set in the account specific configuration.

We recommend that you enable and configure a plugin during the same editing step, then click Save. When a plugin is enabled, the system will actually attempt to initialize it using its configuration options.

Plugins can be activated by:

  • The server administrator.

    A server administrator can enable a plugin both globally (for the whole system) and for a specific account. The server administrator is able to activate a plugin for any account on the system.

  • The account administrator.

    An account administrator can activate plugins only for the account being administered.