Account details

You can update general information about the account.

On the Account details page, you can set specific attributes to be used for the account. They are as follows:

Account id: Mandatory field that is used to identify a specific account. The account id may be requested from users during login to the system and differentiates several accounts from one tenant that may be active in this SignDoc Standard installation. The account id must be unique system-wide.

Account name: Name to be used throughout the system for an account. This field is mandatory.

Company: Optional field to identify the name of the company to which this account belongs.

Contact information: Optional field describing the contact information for this account.

DNS label: Allows this SignDoc Standard account to be accessible via a subdomain. For example, if your company’s account should be accessible via the URL, the label "yourcompany" will appear in the DNS label field. This field is configured upon creation of this account by the server administrator and is not editable.

Time zone: Use the drop-down box to select the time zone to be used for all timestamps during signing, as well as for any time and/or date indications within the application.