Capture Client enhancements

The following topic lists the enhancements introduced for the Capture client.

Web capture control and Capture Client annotation integration

You can add annotations in Capture Client activities, and later view them in a Web Capture control or vice versa. See General enhancements.

Extraction confidence

When you set the field values using an SDK method or database queries, the fields being populated are set as extraction confident automatically, without the need to manually do so.

Improve image viewer performance

If image loading exceeds 3 seconds due network latency, such as in a Cloud environment, the image viewer is now blank displaying a loading icon to indicate that the image is loading.

AfterSplitDocument method

When an "OnSplitDocument" event was fired before a new document was created, it was not possible to get the newly split document ID during this event. As a result, an action could not be applied to the newly split document as part of the split operation and a new document was manually selected to apply some action. Now a new method, AfterSplitDocument, is added to get the ID for a newly split document during a split operation.