Changes in behavior

This topic describes changes to the product behavior since the previous release.

Features removed

The following features are removed from TotalAgility.

  • Visio add-in

  • Outlook add-in

  • SharePoint web pages

  • Document set

Changes to Loop node

In the Loop node, the last found row data will no longer be returned when Row found = false.

Support for 3D charts discontinued

The 3D charts are no longer supported.

Initialize with query

When you add a Workqueue, Job list, Workload and Tile controls to a form, the Allow query edit option was only available if Allow query selection was selected. In TotalAgility 7.9.0, you can edit the query even if you do not select Allow query selection.

Improved performance while moving job history data

Performance is improved while moving job history data from a live database to an archive database, and vice versa. For jobs with large job history, the process is approximately fifteen times faster.

Terminating job using a worker task to execute asynchronously

A new worker task, Terminate Job Task, is added to a thread pool to terminate a job once it is completed. The status of the job is now displayed as "Terminating" while it is being terminated.

This new worker task prevents the user interface from becoming unresponsive while cases with large number of fragments are being terminated.

Import package performance improvement

The performance has been significantly improved when importing a large volume of items of various types through a package.

Audit records write performance improvement

The performance has been improved when writing multiple records to the audit log.

Improved session IDs

Previously, the TotalAgility session IDs were unique but not random, and therefore it was possible to predict them for new sessions. Now a session ID is generated using a random cryptographic algorithm and if a duplicate is found, the generation is retried.

Improved password policy

The passwords for Tenant Management System, TotalAgility Designer and TotalAgility Workspace users are much more complex and do not exist in a password "blacklist" of common passwords.

Improved security using own password

Administrator users in the Tenant Management System are now required to provide their own passwords when changing the password of another user. This approach ensures an additional level of security for sensitive operations.

Sensitive information in Tenant Management System more secure

The Tenant Management System, user ID is more secure, as it is now stored in a cookie instead of client-side session storage.

Changes to business rule logging functionality

Business rule logging jobs are no longer automatically deleted on completion or termination of an associated parent job. The business rule logs are now deleted asynchronously and you cannot view the history of a business rule for which logging is deleted.

Secondly, if you want to use business rule logging, you need to import the updated form.

NLog logging replaced with .NET Trace logging

TotalAgility installers previously used NLog .NET library for logging, which is now replaced with .NET Trace logging. NLog DLLs are no longer distributed with TotalAgility.

Dependency on SQL Command Tools and SQL Native Client removed

The SQL Command Tools and SQL Native Client used in earlier TotalAgility versions to run database scripts are now removed from the product installer.

Changes to SQL script to add a DATA_CENTRE

The Kofax TotalAgility On-Premise Multi-Tenant Installation Guide is now updated to describe the SQL script revisions for adding a DATA_CENTRE. With the revisions, a separate SQL script is added, and it is used only to install a manual database for an On-Premise Multi-Tenant installation.

Updates to GetProcesses() and GetSkins() APIs

When GetProcesses() and GetSkins() APIs were called, unnecessary data was being read from the database. These APIs are now updated to return only required data.

RecoStar recognition engine deprecated

The RecoStar recognition engine is no longer installed by default with Transformation Designer. When you open an existing project with Transformation Designer 7.9.0, any existing RecoStar recognition profiles are disabled and a copy of a compatible Kofax OmniPage profile is created. For new projects, Kofax recommends that you add OmniPage page and zone profiles.