Resolved issues

This topic lists the resolved issues in Kofax TotalAgility 7.9.0.

Issue creating a storage account in Azure using TLS 1.2

1598479: When the Configuration utility was built using .NET Framework 4.5, the validation did not work when the TLS version was higher than 1.0.

Work queue displayed the wrong activities

1594085: Wrong activities were displayed in the work queue after cancelling or completing an activity.

Issue with DB query action after using form template

1584260: When applying a form template to a Tablet version of a form, the DB query action on the table was not correctly applied to the form.

Second line of Radio button label not fully displayed

1583155: When a Radio button control hidden by a Display rule action during form load was made visible again using another display rule, the second line of the Radio button label was cut off. This issue occurred only the first time that a control was hidden and then re-displayed.

Incorrect listing of DLL assemblies

1582592, 1582365: When a DLL assembly was added to a TotalAgility package, it was listed as a DLL type under System Category. When the package was compared with the System components, the same DLL assembly was listed as an Asset type with no assigned category. The DLL assembly appeared only when all the categories were listed.

Documentation missing for SecurityService.EncryptStrings method

1579145: Documentation was not available for the SecurityService.EncryptStrings method.

Live activity lost assigned resources

1578467: If a completed or a terminated skin job was restarted at a manual activity, the live activity used the resource assignment based on the template process.

Incorrect calculations by Retention policy task

1578449: The Retention policy configured to run every hour during the operating times calculated the next due date as the next day instead of the next hour of the same day.

Work queue not loaded from logon form

1577676: When the TotalAgility Workspace site was updated to use a new logon form as the default form, the GeneralWorkQueue form did not load when redirected from the logon form.

Document conversion with no dithering resulted in blurred image

1575731: When the Document Conversion activity was used to convert a PDF to TIFF, and the "No dithering" option was enabled in Advanced settings, the output TIFF was blurred.

Extraction failed with timeout

1575123: The document extraction failed with a timeout error for certain types of documents.

Issue in Kofax TotalAgility Administrator's Guide

1573883: The delegated access feature and the shared mailbox option were documented in the same section of the Kofax TotalAgility Administrator's Guide.

Browser language affected the date format

1570928: When the browser language was changed, the Date format of the Date section of DateTime was altered in the Work Queue query, and the query did not return the correct results at runtime.

Invalid decimal value in default Amount formatter

1570515: A default Amount Formatter with an invalid decimal value suspended the TotalAgility job.

Sensitive information in error message

1570142: When submitting a request that raised exceptions not handled by the application, an error message displayed sensitive information related to the technologies used by the application.

Missing inline images

1566158: When an email was imported from a Lotus Notes server using an IMAP import source and if the option to include the message header was selected, the inline images were displayed as missing (with a red cross) in the email body.

Business Rule field validator removed decimal symbols

1565909: In validation, a Business rule field validator removed the decimal symbol when the browser language was set to Spanish. Using the default Amount formatter to the String type field resolved the issue.

Issue using comma separator in a decimal value

1564673: If the decimal value had a comma separator, an error occurred at runtime when inserting values to the database using a Stored Procedure.

Incorrect date when importing original email

1558711: When an email was imported and converted to a MSG file, the "Received" date for the MSG file was not correct.

Issue configuring a Stored Procedure in DB query action

1558432: When configuring a Stored Procedure in a DB query action, only six lines were displayed and scrolling was required to see the other lines.

Error retrieving Dynamic Complex variable values

1554244: When split Web and App environments were used to return a "VariablesToReturn" Dynamic complex variable from a CreateJobSync REST call, the following error was displayed:

An error occurred processing the request. Contact your Administrator.

Activity not found error

1553988: When an activity with embedded forms was cancelled at the time of completion, the following error was displayed: Activity not found.

Job scheduler stopped working

1551915: When a process contained an initialization variable with underscores and more than 30 characters (example: a23456789_123456789_123456789_1), the Job scheduler stopped working with the following error: Database error occurred. Contact your administrator.

Metadata Date variable issue

1550452: After an upgrade, when creating a new query or updating the fields, the time section for Workspace in the Data variable was set to current.

Error in validation when Capture Table style set to Inline

1549889: If a package was created with Capture Table Style set to Inline in a previous version of TotalAgility, after an upgrade, opening the Validation activity resulted in the following error:

Failure creating form Type Error: setSefaultRowStyle is not a function

Order of search criteria changed

1549865: When using a DB query action or Data access activity, if the search criteria was configured for a custom database, reopening the configuration changed the order of the search criteria. Clicking OK changed the query as well.

Show Message caused Validation form to freeze

1546714: When using a non-default language, clicking No on the Show message action froze the Validation form.

Error displaying chart

1546227: An error displayed when you tried to load a custom chart and the browser language was set to French.

Class and methods not populated for SOAP type web service

1544418: When adding a SOAP type Web service activity to a process map, no class or methods were populated.

Operation timeout issue during document conversion

1544017: By default, the timeout setting for a Web service call was configured to 100 seconds for a synchronous SOAP call. For messages that took more than 100 seconds to process, a TotalAgility operation timeout occurred.

Multi-field Business rule validator issue

1542565: After extraction, a multi-field Business rule validator marked the valid values as invalid.

Issue with importing forms

1542360: TotalAgility was not able to import packages and artifacts generated using older versions of application and resulted in the following error:

Object not set to an instance of an object

Error on executing a DB query action

1540920: After applying TotalAgility to version 7.7.0, the following error was displayed when the DB query action was executed:

Unable to convert value 'System.Object[]' to type 'System.Object'.

Incomplete information on XML rendering

1540393: When configuring the XML rendering feature in Document conversion profiles, you could not use the online help to find information on creating new XML and XSLT files. Sample XML and XSLT were also not provided.

Issue saving or releasing a business rule

1539938: A business rule with more than 255 characters could not be saved or released.

Issue with document Validation form

1538313: In a Validation activity that had two different document types and two different validation forms, when the classification was changed for the second document and then the first document was selected, the Validation form was locked.

Issue with text in a drop-down list

1536013: After applying TotalAgility to version 7.7.0, when Style was set as Inline and "Value only" was used in the drop-down list, the text the text did not display properly.

Placeholder in header of Word template not filled

1532134: When fields were used in the header and the Different first page flag was enabled for the header, some of the header fields were not updated correctly.

Error when empty drop-down value passed to Stored Procedure

1532115: When an empty drop-down was passed to the Stored Procedure that had an Integer type input, the following error was displayed:

DAS execution failed. If you need technical assistance, reference action: StoredProcedure_AddValueTo_IntColumn.

Issue debugging TakeActivity forms

1530233: A TakeActivity form could not be debugged when the target was set to a dynamic form on an embedded page.

Error opening Validation activity

1530223: When the document fields were passed into a Validation activity, the following error was displayed:

Invalid cast from 'Boolean' to 'DateTime'. If you need technical assistance, reference action: takependingactivity.

Issue selecting drop-down list data

1530017: After applying TotalAgility to 7.7.0, when the Style was set as Inline and the Option display mode was set as Text and value, no data could be selected from the drop-down list.

Issue using Currency text field in Stored Procedure

1529528: A text field with Field type = Currency and Allow decimals=Clear, could not be assigned to an integer parameter of the Stored Procedure.

Issue with an Action list within a table

1529149: When you clicked on the edges of the linked image in an Action list, the record line was not selected and the resulting screen appeared with a null value in the fields.

Issue using a Radio button control in a DB query action

1528669: When configuring a DB query action, if the DB column was set to Numeric, the Radio button control was not available for mapping even if the Radio button control type was Numeric.

Issue using the value of a Radio button in Where clause

1523788: The value of a Radio button could not be used in the Where clause (Selection criteria) of a DB query.

CSS class ignored for tab controls

1523693: The default style class configured for a tab control was ignored and could not be used.

Changes not retained in a multi-select Table control

1522648: In a Table control with Multi-select option selected, the selected rows were not retained on clicking the OK or Update button, and reverted to "All rows" option when reopened.

Exporting package corrupted the business rules

1519441: When Include items associated with processes was set to be clear, exporting a package corrupted the business rules and UNIQUE_ID and PROCESS_ID had the same values.

MS Graph: Limited support for mailbox folders

1518876: MS Graph supported only 10 mailbox folders that were sorted alphabetically (A-Z), including the default folders of the mailbox. If a folder configured in the mailbox import was not part of this list, following error was returned: "(400) Bad request"

Issue deleting variable assignment

1517542: A variable assigned to an expression was displayed in association even after it was removed from the configuration.

Web service activity node could not be expanded

1517511: When a Web service method having a complex input type was used along with the ref keyword, the input parameters in the Web service activity node could not be expanded to display the members.

Web service ItemChoiceType parameter issue

1517150: An ItemChoiceType parameter used in a Web service was not displayed correctly inTotalAgility Web service activity.

Issue with automatically resizing a Table column

1517080: After an upgrade, when a column was hidden, the last column did not resize to fill the remaining width.

Placeholder in Word template not filled

1517011: The placeholder in the header of a Microsoft Word template was not replaced with values.

Errors accessing forms

1514727: When you tried to access a form, the httpResponse.redirect method raised an exception and many errors were logged in the Event log.

User interface in process map versions replaced

1512135: If a copy of a Validation form was released, on reopening the process at design time, the Associated file path of the Validation activity in the map was updated to the Copy Of_<form name>. Also, all versions of the process map were updated with the "Last modified" date being the DateTime of the copied form when it was last released.

Date converted to US format using email node

1511490: When a business rule was created with an email node, the Date was converted to the US format.

Outdated software requirements

1510212: The Kofax TotalAgility Prerequisites Guide did not contain latest information regarding software requirements.

Operation timeout issue during import

1509726: Import operation failed for certain files with the following error:

The operation has timed out.

Issue importing Connector mappings

1502190: The connector mappings were lost when the package was imported from TotalAgility 7.7.0 to 7.9.0.

Issue processing multiple messages

1500695: Processing multiple messages at the same time resulted in the following error in the Message Connector Monitor:

The request was aborted: The operation has timed out.

Reordering column broke the table

1499493: On moving an Action type column to the left and reloading data for the table, the values in the columns to the right were lost.

Error when scanning on a Canon ScanFront device

1497695: When TotalAgility was installed on a Docker container, the following error appeared when scanning on a Canon ScanFront device:

Parameters are not valid. Check parameters.

Incorrect screen location for the Actions pop-up menu

1497405:The context menu associated with the Actions menu was displayed in the wrong area of the screen under certain circumstances.

Date formatter could not save more lines

1495972: A Month dictionary with more than 100 lines could not be saved in a Date type field formatter.

Multiple fragments had identical FINISH_TIME values

1495969: When the parent case was restarted, multiple fragments for the same associated case had identical FINISH_TIME values.

Document Conversion rejected BMP files

1491923: When the document conversion node was used to convert an email attachment to TIFF, the following error occurred:

Error 537919488: Time-out after 900484ms activity and 0ms inactivity (Cat=Error, Obj=unknown, Mod=M_Unknown)

Data loss due to Winmail.dat attachments

1473996: Data was lost when TotalAgility was not able to resolve the winmail.dat attachments.