TotalAgility Apps

In the previous release, Quick Capture was introduced to allow citizen developers with little or no training to create capture processes.

TotalAgility Apps allows the citizen developer to define a wider range of capture and non-capture processes, thereby increasing the level of control and collaboration they have over their solutions. The collaboration between citizen and technical developer is increased by allowing some artifacts to be accessible in all design experiences, so that the technical needs are met without interfering with the progress of the citizen developer.

A new TotalAgility Apps landing page allows access to the following applications:

  • Quick Capture: Create a capture solution, upload and train sample documents, extract data and design a workflow to process these items.

  • Quick Classification: Easily modify existing classification groups.

  • Quick Workflow: Create a workflow solution.

  • Quick Skins: Create and modify process skins to create different variants of a process template.

  • Quick Rules: Modify business rule decision tables.

  • Business Data: Update key business data to drive business rule behavior.

See Help for Kofax TotalAgility Apps for more information.