Known issues

This topic contains information about the potential issues that you may encounter while using TotalAgility 7.9.0. Workarounds are provided, as applicable.

Issue opening protected projects in Quick Classification editor

1600242: The Transformation projects that are using the "Protected Project" feature cannot be used with the Quick Classification editor.

Transformation Server upgrade fails for TotalAgility On-Premise

1595505: When you install TotalAgility 7.7.0 in a distributed environment (that is, separate TotalAgility Apps, Transformation Designer, Transformation Server and Web server), and apply the fix packs in a sequential manner, such as > > and so on through; upon upgrading such an installation of TotalAgility from version to 7.9.0, the installation is not successful and completes with errors.

Workaround: Uninstall the older version of Transformation Server before installing the latest version.

Active job issue

1583999: The core worker activities are getting locked for a long period of time before being taken, and they are reset to "pending" due to the CoreWorkerActivityTimeoutIntervalInMinutes setting.