Resolved issues in Kofax Capture

The following issues were resolved in Kofax Capture

Invalid page count error

1576466, 1578710: If a document class consisted of two or more form types and one of the types used the fixed number of pages, the batch was sent to the Quality Control module with the following error even after the extra pages were removed in the Scan module:

Expected and actual page count do not match

Datalogics compression engine issue with PDF conversion

1519026, 1563007: When the Datalogics compression engine was in use, the exported PDF files were not PDF/A-1B compliant as set up in the batch class.

In-progress batches locked in the database

1494950: If a Kofax Capture module was terminated, the in-progress batches were locked in the database for at least 20 minutes.

Dependency on discontinued Visual C++ Redistributable package

1449565 : The CabLib library in Kofax Capture had a dependency on the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, which was discontinued.

Wrong values for hidden fields

1440991: The values for hidden document index fields were not populated correctly from the FieldPreProcessing event in a VB.NET validation script.

Error while trying to authenticate with the Kerberos protocol

1403474, 1403473: When you used Kerberos as the authorization protocol, en error message was shown while you were trying to access Kofax Capture modules.

Incorrect behavior of hidden fields

1402958, 1402957: Hidden index fields reverted to the default values starting from the third row in a .NET validation script.

Quality Control closed unexpectedly when replacing a page

1398117, 1398116: When you tried to replace a page with a new scanned image in Quality Control, the application failed.

Improper handling of passwords for Windows-linked users

1382941, 1381237: If you tried to log in as a linked Windows user, the password field could accept only 14 characters.

Database error: resubmit transaction or commit timeout

1373260, 1373259: The following error occurred during a peak processing time, possibly caused by a batch being opened before the previous batch was finished processing:

Fatal database error - A resubmit transaction or commit has timed out.

Kofax Capture Service failure: exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'

1370623, 1370622: When too many remote site synchronisation events happened at the same time, especially for large projects, the memory limit was exceeded and the following error occurred:

Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'

PDF Generator not working with enabled PDF compression within SecurityBoost

1369655, 1369654: When SecurityBoost was enabled, the PDF Generator did not process the batch class with the currently enabled PDF compression profile. The batch was routed to the Quality Control module and the following error occurred:

C:\PROGRA~3\Kofax\Capture\Local\Tmp\PDF\000001f7\37C8D7D9-C274-490c-B9D1-8B4190CA0E9F.pdf: Access denied. Error number: 1074593797

Database issue: EndDateTime column shows incorrect values

1369166, 1369165: When the inactivity time out feature was enabled for the user profile, the StatsModuleLaunch table on the Central site database incorrectly showed NULL values for EndDateTime for different Kofax Capture modules. Also, some of these NULL values were shown as orphaned.

ABBYY FineReader Engine caused PDF Generator error

1361345, 1361344, 1356695, 1356694: While using the ABBYY FineReader Engine, an internal program error occurred.

Starting from Kofax Capture 11.1.0, ABBYY FRE is replaced by theKofax OmniPage engine.

If ABBYY FRE is still used as an engine and the issue persists, add the FRE10 SynthesizePerPage attribute in ACConfig.xml, as shown here:

			    <FRE10 SynthesizePerPage"1" />

The default value of FRE10 SynthesizePerPage is 0.

Invalid characters in batch names caused errors

1350677, 1350676: When you copied and pasted a batch name from an external source, invisible control characters were inserted into the name. As a result, batches with invalid names could not be uploaded via RSA synchronization.

Unknown exception with activated PDF compression settings in ACConfig.xml

1346685, 1302715: If PDF compression settings were activated in ACConfig.xml, the following error occurred:

PDF Library Error: Expected a name object. Error number: 536936466

Kofax Capture module names missing in maximized windows

1339108: When you maximized a module window, the title bar did now show the module name.

Hidden fields ignored by the SaveAndSkip feature

1324103, 1492895: Hidden fields were not saved by the SaveAndSkip feature.

Include KTM check box disabled

1315096, 1315095: Even though Kofax Transformation Modules (version 6.3) was installed, the Include KTM check box was still disabled when you tried to export a batch class.

This problem is not detected with earlier versions of KTM, for example with KTM 6.2.

Unknown exception shown by PDF Generator

1314249, 1314248: An unknown exception was reported for the PDF Generator when specific documents were imported.

Intermittent 'Access denied' error for the Text export connector

1298749: The Text export connector intermittently encountered an Access denied error when writing to the index.txt file.