Known issues

This topic contains information about potential issues that you may encounter while using Kofax Capture 11.1.0. Workarounds are provided, as applicable.

Documentation issue after DOXiS4 Capture upgrade

1603443: If you upgrade your DOXiS4 Capture installation to version 11.1.0, the previous version of the offline documentation may not be removed in some cases. Under these conditions, the new documentation cannot be applied.

Workaround: To apply the new help system files, delete the existing Help folder at C:\ProgramData\DOXiS4\Capture\Help and then install the new offline documentation.

See DOXiS4 Capture Installation Guide for more information.

Inconsistency in the exported file size for the OmniPage engine

1599737: When you use .docx and .xlsx formats for OCR output with the OmniPage engine, the exported file size is larger as compared to the same file exported by the ABBYY FRE engine.

PDF files compliance issue

1597035: If Enhanced PDF Image + Text or Text Over Image recognition profiles are used, the exported PDF files are not compliant with PDF/A-2a and PDF/A-3a.

PDF Generator issue with enabled encryption

1595902: If the recognition profile has encryption enabled, it prevents the imported PDF file from being modified. As a result, PDF Generator will potentially return the batch to the Quality Control queue.

Batch filter profile and settings not retained after upgrade

1518142: When performing an upgrade to Kofax Capture 11.1.0 from version 11.0.1 or later, the batch filter profile and related settings are retained successfully. However, if you perform the upgrade from version 10.2.x or 11.0.0.x, the batch filter profile and related settings are not retained.

Increase in size of non-compressed PDF files

1212361: In Kofax Capture 11.0.1 or later, you may notice an increase in the size of non-compressed PDF/A-3a Text Over Image output files, compared to the file size in Kofax Capture 11.0. The increase is due to the improved ability of the recognition engine to detect pictures. Also, the file size can vary according to the operating system: Windows 10 produces smaller file sizes than Windows 7, which has different system fonts embedded in the output.

Workaround: You can reduce the size of non-compressed PDF/A-3a Text Over Image output files by turning off the Detect Pictures setting.

Custom property settings prevent PDF/A compliance

1205085: If Custom Properties are set for a document class while PDF Image+Text is selected, the exported PDF file is not always PDF/A compliant. If this case, the following error occurs when PDF/A compliance is verified from Adobe Acrobat Professional:

XMP property not predefined and no extension schema present (XMP 2005)

Database validation issue with Oracle client

776240: Database Validation may cause the Administration module to stop working with Oracle client For example, if Oracle client is used on Kofax Capture workstations, the Administration module may terminate unexpectedly when Database Validation is configured.

Workaround: Install an earlier version of the Oracle client, such as

Mapped network drive cannot be used as temporary image folder

764580: In a SecurityBoost environment, a mapped network drive cannot be used as temporary image folder. If you attempt to use a mapped network drive for this purpose, the following message appears when you start the Scan module:

The image directory specified for the batch cannot be opened.

Workaround: Use a UNC path as the temporary image folder.

VRS component not installed

762438: If you install Kofax Capture 11.0.0 in a Windows environment that does not include .NET Framework 3.5.1, the .NET Framework is automatically installed when the VRS component is added. However, if an Internet connection is not available during the installation, the VRS 5.1.1 component may not be installed successfully.

Workaround: Verify that an Internet connection will be active during the installation, or install .NET Framework 3.5.1 manually prior to the Kofax Capture installation.

Batch class export issue with Cyrillic characters

711325: If you attempt to export a batch class containing more than 14 Cyrillic characters from the Administration module, the following error occurs:

ERROR: Could not flush cabinet: Could not create a temporary file

Workaround: Rename the batch class using 14 or fewer characters, and then export it.

Batch fails in Recognition Server in Web deployment

701382: When Recognition Server is run in a Web deployment in a Windows 10 environment, a batch that uses bar codes cannot be processed successfully.

Workaround: Start the Recognition Server module from the Windows Start menu, and then process the batch.

Unable to launch OCR Full Text module from Run window

640272: On a Windows 10 operating system, you cannot type ocr in the Windows Run window to launch the OCR Full Text module.

Workaround: In the Run window, type ocr.exe to launch the module successfully.

Export connector not registered on Windows 10

640271: If you installed Kofax export connectors for use with Kofax Capture, they were not registered or listed in the Export Connector Manager window in the Administration module.

Workaround: Use Run as Administrator to run the export connector installation, and then register the connector manually using the .ini file in the Kofax Capture bin folder.