Resolved issues in Kofax Capture 11.1.0

The following issues are resolved in Kofax Capture 11.1.0.

Performance impact after upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10

1581947: If you upgraded your workstations from Microsoft Windows 7 to Microsoft Windows 10 and installed Kofax Capture with an Oracle database, performance was degraded for the scan/import processes. This issue occurred after processing about 30 images.

Limitation for a connection through the proxy server not documented

1540287: The documentation did not explain that the connection through the proxy server to the KCN Server with HTTPS (SSL/TLS) configured was not supported. The limitation is now added to the Kofax Capture Installation Guide.

Incorrect C# sample validation code in the documentation

1539006, 1245086: The Kofax Capture Developer's Guide had an incorrect C# validation sample script code.

Dash symbol in the database name caused failure

1537732: When you used a database with a dash symbol in the name, Kofax Capture service pack and fix pack installations failed.

PDF Generator internal program error

1537507: With the Datalogics compression enabled, en error occurred when a specific TIF file was imported. The error occurred when the PDF Generator had processed the batch and sent it to the Quality Control module, possibly because of the ABBYY FRE malfunctioning.

Incorrect default option for the Select Form Type window

1519410: If you opened the Select Form Type window, the None option was selected by default instead of the first option listed.

Batch sequence number not changeable

1501879: You could not change the batch sequence number in the Database Utility Support tab.

Incorrect behavior of KCUserProfileSample.exe

1501860: When you used KCUserProfileSample.exe to link domain users, the users were not properly linked and were not visible on the Kofax Capture Users page. The issue could be fixed only if you opened and closed the User Profiles window in the Administration module.

Incomplete description of sample custom panel registration

1497676: The Kofax Capture Developer's Guide did not explicitly state that an elevated mode of the Command Prompt was required for setting up a sample project.

Incorrect encoding of the output

1496835: When you used the Text Import Connector, the index output was encoded as UTF-8-BOM (byte order mark) instead of the selected UTF-8 encoding.

Validation module: intermittent failure

1475295: In a customer-specific Citrix environment, under certain circumstances, an exception was displayed at load time for a registered custom panel. This exception was displayed when the ribbon bar layout was being calculated.

Secured PDF files caused batch import to fail

1475288: If some of the PDF files within a batch were secured and could not be imported, the entire batch was automatically deleted.

Custom panel inconsistent resizing

1473962: Due to the Microsoft Windows limitations, the custom panel was incorrectly resized every time the Scan or Validation module was opened. Now the panel is resized automatically when the module is closed. To revert back to the previous behavior, add the following setting to ACConfig.xml and set the value to 0:

 <CaptureUI LayoutPreservation="0" />

Automatic batch backup failure

1469272: When you used a batch with two document classes or a KTM project with Russian characters, the automatic batch backup failed.

Kofax Capture Network Server issue

1465954: When two nodes were running on the KCNS Service, the Kofax Capture Network Server produced deadlocks on the database in the procSetAcisCActivations procedure.

Incorrect target platform in the script template

1450854: The C# validation script had the target platform set to Any CPU instead of x86.

Missing values from the FieldPreProcessing event

1443747: Not all values for document index fields were populated from the FieldPreProcessing event in a VB.NET validation script.

Incorrect PDF export behavior

1411018: If there was an error with a batch after the PDF Generator ran and two documents were joined in the Quality Control module, an invalid PDF file was exported and merged images were lost.

PDF Generator error (ABBYY FineReader Engine issue)

1405813: When a batch was processed by OCR or PDF + Text recognition profiles, the system inconsistently displayed the following error: PDF Generator Error: Internal program error: Src\ColorClusters.cpp, 21.

In Kofax Capture 11.1.0, the usage of the ABBYY FRE engine is deprecated and replaced with the Kofax OmniPage engine.

Incorrect limitation for variables

1371641: When you tried to set up the KCN web server components using the ACConfig.xml, the following error message was shown:

String variable is not large enough for string. Check the string declarations. Error 401.

This error was caused due to an incorrect limitation set for a variable.

Limitation for Kofax Capture upgrade not documented

1329991: The documentation did not contain the limitation that a Microsoft Windows upgrade was not officially supported on a computer with Kofax Capture installed.

Cursor focus issue when tabbing between PDF files

1329622: When tabbing between the documents in the Quality Control module, the cursor focus did not properly function.

Date rollback event blocked license activation

1328249: In the situation when you used the DateRollback function and then opened the License Utility, the license could not be activated and the Activate button was disabled.

Text Export Connector intermittent failure

1318767: When attempting to write to the index.txt file, the Text Export Connector had an intermittent error and displayed the following message:

Access denied

Unavailable option listed in the documentation

1317223: The Kofax Capture Administrator's Guide listed an internal debug parameter ReliableFileSystem in ACConfig.xml stating that KrfsYYMM.txt should be written in the local log folder. That option was unavailable.

Text export connector error due to the wrong path

1314472: When the configured local path of the Text export connector could not be found on the client workstation, it caused an error. For example, if the temporary working folder was set to the D drive while the client workstation only had the C drive, an error message appeared if you tried to configure the Text export connector and save the changes.

Issue with the custom panel

1314164: If you used a custom panel to edit index fields, the KfxOcxEventDocumentClosing API was missing.

Fields in child batches not properly populated

1306329: The default text fields were not properly documented in child batches.

Scan module failure under certain conditions

1282072: When some specific images were imported in a certain order and a specific separation method was used in the batch class, the scan.exe application failed.

Values cleared from hidden fields

1281587: The values for hidden document index fields were not populated correctly from the FieldPreProcessing event in a VB.NET validation script.

Bar code issue

1276277: An unknown error message appeared when the same bar code type was found on the separator sheet and also selected in the Retain Bar code and patch code on all pages option.

Silent installation not shown correctly in the Database Utility

1268339: When specified during a silent installation, the USGCBCompliant=1 switch did not successfully appear in the Database Utility.

Scan API issue

1263463: If you set the DPI resolution using the kscan object in the custom panel API, this setting was not reflected in the scan interface.

Truncated error messages in the Batch Manager history

1259783: If an error occurred in the Batch Manager, error messages in the batch history were truncated to 255 characters, even though the screen size was sufficient enough to fit more information.

Incorrect behavior of the locked Scan module

1258668: When you enabled the Lock setting for the Scan module and then re-launched the application, the status was still shown as locked, but the UI could be edited.

PDF Generator failure

1255943: The PDF Generator failed when Detect Tables and Detect Pictures settings were enabled in Advanced OCR Recognition Settings.

Document Count value not updated on original batch

1241845: When the documents were routed from a parent batch to child batches using the Document Routing feature, the Document count value was not updated on the original batch.

Incorrect setup path in the documentation

1241819: The Kofax Capture Installation Guide had an incorrect reference to the bin folder instead of the Kofax Capture folder for setup options.

Incorrect behavior of activation codes with eval status

1236010: When you used activation codes with eval statuses (L 0), they did not add or remove other license items when applied.

Incorrect status for Batch in error state

1225133: When a batch was in the error state and was processed to Quality Control, it still displayed Scan as the current module.

Red X icon erroneously displayed in the email import mailbox

1225132: After installing, configuring and successfully sending email to Kofax Capture, a red X icon still displayed on the standard Kofax Email Import Connector mailbox.

Unclear statement about upgrades in Installation guide

1225130: In the previous version of theKofax Capture Installation Guide, the explanation of creating and scanning batches during an upgrade was not explicit enough. In theKofax Capture 11.1.0 Installation Guide, the statement is reworded, stating that an upgrade can be performed while batches still exist in the system.

Incorrect references in the Administration module Help

1225128: The Administration module Help referenced incorrect table names for the Audit Reports and Stats Audit tables.

Administration module failure

1221899, 1250010: Unexpected failure of the Administration module was reported under no specific preconditions.

Variables shown instead of values in Kofax Capture Validation

1142589: When you used variable options for index fields/batch fields, the Validation module displayed the variable names instead of their values.

Report Viewer dependent on Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015

1065427: When you removed Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015, the Report Viewer did not work correctly.

.NET Framework 4.6.1 installation blocked

759977: If your Windows updates were not current when you installed Kofax Capture 11.0.0, the installation of .NET Framework 4.6.1 sometimes failed in a Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. In this situation, the following message appeared:

The update corresponding to KB<number> needs to be installed before you can install this product.