Resolved issues in Kofax Capture

The following issues were resolved in Kofax Capture

Document merging and routing failure (KTM project)

1318713, 1306656: After the installation of Kofax Capture 11.0.1 Service Pack 1, the documents merged and routed from the KTM project failed and the following error message appeared:

You must be in a transaction to perform this operation

Issue installing fix packs, service packs

1309391, 1309390: If you performed the Kofax Capture installation using the USCGBCompliant setting with a value of 1, subsequent fix packs and service packs could not be installed successfully.

Open Batch window not displayed after batch removal

1307657: The Validation module did not display the Open Batch window after removing a batch in batch editing mode.

Recognition Server intermittent failure

1286424, 1286421: The Recognition Server intermittently failed processing a batch but appeared as if it were running.

Unknown exception while running PDF Generator

1286415, 1286414: An unknown exception message was detected while the PDF Generator was running.

This error occurred only with specific customer-provided images.

Error when publishing a batch class

1283689, 1283686: When you published a batch class, the Administration module used a network shared folder instead of a local folder. As a result, the following error occurred:

Could not find file '\\wgpif001apps\apps\Kofax\E2\CaptureSV\pubtypes\00000194.TMP\00000194.xml'.

To revert back to using a network shared folder, add the following tag to ACConfig.xml and set the value to 0. The default value is 1.

	     	<PublishBatchClass UseLocalTempFolder="0" />

Child batches missing .mdb files

1292184, 1281736: Child batches were missing .mdb database files due to network errors.

Shared scanner profiles performance issue

1279445, 1274335: With shared scanner profiles present and enabled, a delay was reported when the Scan module was opened.

SecurityBoost error

1257540, 1314467: An error occurred when SecurityBoost was enabled and you tried to add pages to a batch or attempted to change scan settings.

Incorrect Kofax Capture version on service pack/fix pack installer

1244043:The incorrect version appeared in the title bar of the installer for Kofax Capture 11 service packs and fix packs.

Scan module intermittently unresponsive

1244019, 1314452: When you used a custom panel, the Scan module intermittently became unresponsive.

Issue with downloading batches

1244018, 1314449: The Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) did not download batches to the remote sites at the configured intervals.

Documents (and fields) marked as deleted after they are split

1243139, 1314440: When a document was split into different batches by a custom module, some of the split documents and fields were marked as deleted in the fields history.

Progress Messages window partially hidden

1236221: On Windows Server 2019, when you moved the database in the Database Utility, the lower part of the Progress Messages window was partially hidden. This issue did not adversely affect the database move function.

Bar code on the last page created an empty document

1228301, 1314433: If you used a bar code separation and the bar code was located on the last page, an empty document was created. As a result, the batch could not be closed.

Data substitution issue for custom file names

1226082: Adding Kofax values at the end of a custom file caused exceptions when you used it with the Text export connector.

Administration module failure

1221899, 1402161: Unexpected failure of the Administration module was reported due to internal conflicts.