SignDoc SDK (Java)  5.0.0
SignDocWeightedFrame Class Reference

A frame and its weight. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SignDocWeightedFrame ()
 Constructor. More...
 SignDocWeightedFrame (int aX1, int aY1, int aX2, int aY2, double aWeight)
 Constructor. More...
double getWeight ()
 Get the weight. More...
String toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SignDocImageRect
 SignDocImageRect ()
 Constructor. More...
 SignDocImageRect (int aX1, int aY1, int aX2, int aY2)
 Constructor. More...
void set (int aX1, int aY1, int aX2, int aY2)
 Set the coordinates of the rectangle. More...
void normalize ()
 Normalize the rectangle. More...
int getWidth ()
 Get the width of the rectangle. More...
int getHeight ()
 Get the height of the rectangle. More...
boolean isEmpty ()
 Check if the rectangle is empty. More...
void intersectWith (SignDocImageRect aOther)
 Intersect this rectangle with another one. More...
void uniteWith (SignDocImageRect aOther)
 Unite this rectangle with another one. More...
String toString ()

Public Attributes

double mWeight
 The weight (0.0 through 1.0). More...
- Public Attributes inherited from SignDocImageRect
int mX1
int mY1
int mX2
int mY2

Detailed Description

A frame and its weight.

The right and bottom coordinates are exclusive.

This class uses image coordinates, see Coordinate Systems.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


All coordinates and the weight are set to 0.

SignDocWeightedFrame ( int  aX1,
int  aY1,
int  aX2,
int  aY2,
double  aWeight 


[in]aX1The first X coordinate.
[in]aY1The first Y coordinate.
[in]aX2The second X coordinate.
[in]aY2The second Y coordinate.
[in]aWeightThe weight (0.0 through 1.0, not checked).

Member Function Documentation

double getWeight ( )

Get the weight.

String toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

double mWeight

The weight (0.0 through 1.0).

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