SignDoc SDK (C)  5.0.0
SIGNDOC_TextIterator Class Reference

An iterator for the text of a document. More...

#include <SignDocSDK-c.h>

Public Member Functions

void SIGNDOC_TextIterator_delete (struct SIGNDOC_TextIterator *aObj)
 SIGNDOC_TextIterator destructor. More...
const struct SIGNDOC_TextClusterSIGNDOC_TextIterator_next (struct SIGNDOC_Exception **aEx, struct SIGNDOC_TextIterator *aObj)
 Get the next cluster. More...

Detailed Description

An iterator for the text of a document.

Use SIGNDOC_Document_createTextIterator() to create objects of this type.

Member Function Documentation

void SIGNDOC_TextIterator_delete ( struct SIGNDOC_TextIterator aObj)

SIGNDOC_TextIterator destructor.

[in]aObjA pointer to the SIGNDOC_TextIterator object.
const struct SIGNDOC_TextCluster * SIGNDOC_TextIterator_next ( struct SIGNDOC_Exception **  aEx,
struct SIGNDOC_TextIterator aObj 

Get the next cluster.

[out]aExAny exception will be returned in the object pointed to by this parameter.
[in]aObjA pointer to the SIGNDOC_TextIterator object.
A pointer to the object describing the cluster. This SIGNDOC_TextIterator object holds one reference to the object, therefore SIGNDOC_TextCluster_removeReference() must not be called unless SIGNDOC_TextCluster_addReference() has been called. NULL if there is no more tedxt.

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