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SignWare Redistribution

This chapter should help you to define which files need to be included in a redistribution package. It is subdivided into packages for each API. In any case you will always have to include the package C-API Redistribution.

You will certainly have to install your own application beyond the steps included here.

C-API Redistribution

The core modules are required for any redistribution, you may have to add further modules for j-api or any other package, please see the appropriate section.

C-API Redistribution using a merge module

C-API Redistribution packages

The redistributable C-API components are located in the signware folder c-api\Win32. You must copy all files to the destination file system. The folder of the destination file system must be added to the environment variable PATH on the destination computer.

Please also copy the files from System_Software\msshared to the destination file system. These files are normally copied to the %windir%\system32 folder, but this requires a setup, that knows how to replace system files.

You will need additional drivers if you intend to use either Interlink, StepOver or Topaz tablets:

Please check the list of supported tablets. If the setup must support dynamic tablet assignment then you will have to add a query during setup to define the tablet and copy the appropriate files. You may also copy all files fron drivers\Interlink, drivers\StepOver, drivers\Topaz and drivers\TabletPC, see SignWare Installation for more information on tablet drivers. Please also note that a tablet requires a driver from the manufacturer which must also be installed (the drivers folder includes the Kofax driver access modules).

Tablet and scanner drivers will also need to be installed on the client computers if the application captures signaturs or images from a tablet or scanner.

J-API Redistribution

Besides the steps described in C-API Redistribution you will also need SPSignWare_??.jar. Copy SPSignWare_??.jar to the destination filesystem, and add the fully qualified file name to the CLASSPATH environment variable. Please locate the file jawt.dll on the destination file system, and add the path to jawt.dll to the PATH environment variable (typically %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin).

X-API Redistribution

Besides the steps described in C-API Redistribution you will also need activeSW.dll. Copy activeSW.dll to the destination filesystem, and register activeSW (regsvr32 (fully qualified file name activeSW.dll)).

Please note that you may need administrative rights to invoke regsvr32, you will have to run regsvr32 as administrator.