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The Kofax RemoteTablet is a module which connects to devices that offer signature capture as a TCP/IP service such as SmartPhones witch run a specific Kofax capture app. The module SPRemoteTablet is implemented in a dll "SP_RemoteDrv.dll".

The RemoteTablet module uses a zero config service "Bonjour" from "Apple" to lookup devices, which offer the Remote Tablet service. "Bonjour" is not included with SignWare, please download "Bonjour" from Apple.

The RemoteTablet interface supports a wide range of tablets. The application must evaluate the capabilities of the addressed device such as tablet Lcd, realtime vectors etc.

A RemoteTablet might send hardware buttons events with predefined id's (see Tablet Hardware button Assignment):

The application should implement a hardware button listener that evaluates the hardware button events.

RemoteTablet devices use a pairing negotiation to connect. The device will display a pairing code, which must be entered in a host dialog which will popup when accessing the device the first time.
The pairing code may be persistently saved in the windows registry (path "HKCU\\SOFTWARE\\SOFTPRO\\SPRemoteTablet") if desired, to prevent successive pairing requests.
The dialog will also popup if more than one device are discovered and the application does not address a specific device.
The dialog will also popup if the RemoteTablet access module (SP_RemoteDrv.dll) is installed and no tablet was found and the default tablet is instantiated. The popup will display all available remote tablets dynamically to select the desired device.

The application should enumerate all devices (see SPTabletEnumCreateByClass) and offer a device selection if more than one device are connected.

Applications which use RemoteTablet must register StatusChange listeners and evaluate the status notifications.
StatusCallback depending on the Major parameter: