SignDoc SDK (.NET without exceptions)  5.0.0
SignDocProperty Class Reference

One property, without value. More...

Public Member Functions

 SignDocProperty (SignDocProperty aSource)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~SignDocProperty ()
 Destructor. More...
 !SignDocProperty ()
 Finalizer. More...
string getName ()
 Get the name of the property. More...
PropertyType getType ()
 Get the type of the property. More...

Detailed Description

One property, without value.

Use SignDocDocument.getBooleanProperty(), SignDocDocument.getIntegerProperty(), or SignDocDocument.getStringProperty() to get the value of a property.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Copy constructor.

[in]aSourceThe object to be copied.
The new object.



Member Function Documentation

string getName ( )

Get the name of the property.

Property names are compared under Unicode simple case folding, that is, lower case and upper case is not distinguished.

The name of the property.
PropertyType getType ( )

Get the type of the property.

The type of the property.

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