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Installation and configuration of various pads

Tablet driver installation

Here is a quick overview to install tablets:

Terminal server environments

Most tablets, namely StepOver BlueM, Topaz SE series and Wacom SignPad devices can be used in a terminal server environment. To date most terminal servers do not support USB interfaces, the devices will thus normally be operated using the serial port. The client (serial) port is typically mapped to a networked com port on the server, the port must not conflict with any physically available ports on the server. e. g. to COM6 on the server.
The network port will not be listed in the COM enumeration list, you will thus have to explicitly add the networked port to the list of checked ports, see Searching for installed tablets.

   # map the client COM port 1 to the server as network port COM 6
   net use COM6: \\Client\COM1:

   # add COM port 6 to the checked pad COM ports,
   # create a file Tablet.ini and in the proper device section
   # insert a line
   PadPorts = 6

Softpro also offers USB to Ethernet and USB to COM mappers (software drivers) to redirect a USB tablets to the terminal server, please contact SOFTPRO for more information.

Multimonitor environments

Fullscreen devices such as TabletPCs or Wacom Cintiq pads may be operated in a multiple monitor setup.
The pad may be operated in one of the following modes: Please note, that multi-monitor setups which are only configurable with proprietary tools of graphics card manufacturers are not supported.

 # Example Tablet.ini
 MonitorIndex = 0
 # Assign the pad as the primary monitor

Searching for installed tablets

The default search sequence for WinTab drivers is: You may override the search order to start with a predefined device. Set FirstWT = drv in Tablet.ini to start searching for drv. Under Linux, only the Wacom SignPad is supported.

 # Example Tablet.ini
 FirstWT = SP_WspDrv
 # Search for Wacom SignPad driver and tablet, resume to normal search order if no
 # SignPad tablet was found on the host.

Configuration of tablets

SOFTPRO driver modules for Wacom SignPad, StepOver and Topaz tablets read the configuration file Tablet.ini to configure the serial port etc. The file Tablet.ini is searched Please note that applications may overrule the contents of the configuration file Tablet.ini.

These configuration options are available:

The majority of installations will not require a Tablet.ini file. The default configuration will be correct in most cases. However you will have to create a tablet configuration file e. g. if you want to access a Wacom SignPad device on a tablet PC, or if the tablet is connected via a redirected port e. g. in a terminal server environment (the redirected port is not entered in the registered COM interfaces).
Tablets connected via an AK-NORD adapter will in most cases require a tablet.ini file, at minimum to allow for TCP device discovery, however it is recommended to enter the hosts to search for a tablet.

Configuration examples

 # Example Tablet.ini configuration
 # StepOver section
 # Search for tablets connected to serial ports COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4
 PadPorts = 1 - 4

 # Topaz section
 # Search for tablets connected to serial ports COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4
 PadPorts = 1 2 3 4

 # Wacom SignPad section
 # Search for tablets connected to serial ports COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4, and for the first USB device
 PadPorts = 1 - 4 -1
 # Set the connection timeout to 200 msec
 SignPadTimeout = 200


SOFTPRO provides some utility applications for selected tablets on request.


The Wacom SignPad tablet is supported under Linux if connected via USB or TCP/IP.

To initialize the Wacom SignPad tablet (so that the USB tablet won't fill the message log with connect/disconnect messages), run

   SignPadInit default

(TODO: Describe how to use the quirks parameter of the usbhid kernel module.) (TODO: Document

Known issues

Microsoft reported in its knowlege base that serial to usb converters might slow down the serial communication speed under Windows XP. MS has published a fix, see details at Update for Windows XP (KB943198)

Unsupported Pads

SOFTPRO rejects all pads that are not explicitly supported and that are not produced by Wacom. The reason for this behaviour is that some clones on the market do not fulfill the requirements to verify a signature that was captured with that device.

Unknown Wacom devices without LCD screen will be treated like a Intuos, unknown Wacom devices with LCD will be treated as a PL 400.

These Wintab devices are defined in the tablet database:

However pad manufacturers might offer newer models that could not (yet) be integrated in the SOFTPRO product suite. You may add the device into the tablet ini file (Tablet.ini) which will be read by SOFTPRO products and append any devices found in the ini-file to the list of supported devices.

The Device entries must be located in section WINTABPROPS, there must be one line per device. The Key must be named WTDevice_[n], where n is a sequential number, starting with 0.

The value is a semicolon (;) separated list, quote the semicolon (\;) to include it in the name if applicable. The list includes all of these values (in this order):

Width and height are essential as these values are used to identify the device.
 PAD_PL400_DEV = 5
 WTDevice_0  = 271; 204;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom PL400
 WTDevice_1  = 314; 238;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom PL510
 WTDevice_2  = 307; 230;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom PL550
 WTDevice_3  = 435; 327;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom Cintiq 21UX
 WTDevice_4  = 342; 275;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom PL 720
 WTDevice_5  = 220; 139;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom DTU-1031
 WTDevice_6  = 226; 129;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom DTU-1031X
 WTDevice_7  = 236; 134;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom DTU-1141
 WTDevice_8  = 346; 195;  -1; -1; PAD_PL400_DEV;      2; Wacom DTU-1631
 WTDevice_9  = 126;  96; 200; -1; PAD_INTUOS_DEV;     0; Wacom Intuos
 WTDevice_10  = 127;  92;  -1; -1; PAD_GRAPHIRE_DEV;   0; Wacom Volito
 WTDevice_11  = 129;  94;  -1; -1; PAD_GRAPHIRE_DEV;   0; Wacom Graphire
 WTDevice_12 =  81;  57;  -1; -1; PAD_PENPARTNER_DEV; 0; Wacom Penpartner
 WTDevice_13 = 147;  92;  -1; -1; PAD_BAMBOO_DEV;     0; Wacom Bamboo
 WTDevice_14 = 128;  93;  -1; -1; PAD_BAMBOO_DEV;     0; Wacom Bamboo One
 WTDevice_15 = 216; 135;  -1; -1; PAD_BAMBOO_DEV;     0; Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-650
 WTDevice_16 = 208; 150;  -1; -1; PAD_GRAPHIRE_DEV;   0; Wacom Graphire 3

Known Limitations

A few limitation apply: