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The Kofax TabletServer is a module which accepts tablet capture commands as a service and redirects the commands to the addressed devices.

All SignWare objects that create a tablet need some initialization to address the TabletServer rather than the tablet hardware. You will thus have to use a tablet create method that passes the tablet class and tablet options.


Note: Configuration options are read in this order: The TabletServer returns a description of the device capabilities, once connected. Please evaluate the capabilities such as tablet Lcd etc.

Some capabilities need special consideration:

TabletServer devices may use hardware buttons (rather than virtual buttons) to pass button actions to the application. The application must therefor evaluate hardware buttons when the active driver is a TabletServer-Driver.
Hardware button id's (see Tablet Hardware button Assignment). TabletServer devices add some special features: TabletServer timeouts
A total of four timeouts must be considered:

Most notifications from the tablet server are passed as callbacks to the registered StatusChange listener. Applications which use TabletServer must register StatusChange listeners and evaluate the status notifications.
StatusCallback depending on the Major parameter:

The application cannot stop a capture process once started, the application must wait for the device response, it has either terminated capture mode or timed out or an error occured. The device will no longer be accessible if the application fails to do so (e. g. if the application aborts an operation on a watchdog timeout).