SignDoc SDK (.NET with exceptions)  5.0.0
Migrating from SignDoc SDK 4.2 to SignDoc SDK 4.3

SignDoc SDK is no longer available for platforms Win32, WinRT_X86, and linux-i386. (We call the 32-bit Win32 API "Win32" and the 64-bit Win32 API "Win64".) Platform android-arm64v8a has been added. For Android, (from the Android NDK, shipped with SignDoc SDK) must be included in your projects. Android versions before Android 5.0 are no longer supported. For Windows, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package must be installed in addition to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.

SignDoc SDK can now use multiple fonts (at most one per script) for one field, that is, you no longer need a font which covers all scripts. Fonts can now be substituted by script tag. The FontName element now supports the wildcard character "*".

You can enable and disable font features (for text shaping) in the font configuration.

Line breaking for complex scripts is now implemented. There is a new value, de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.DocumentHAlignment.Auto for aHAlignment of de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.addTextRect(). This function now breaks lines according to UAX #14. If you need the old behavior, pass de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.AddTextRectFlags.Compat in aFlags. de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.addAnnotation() always uses UAX #14 for FreeText annotations.

The margin specified by length parameter "TextHMargin" is now added on both sides of the text and is no longer divided by two for justified text.

The layout of the appearance created for the signature field when signing a PDF document can now be defined by passing an XML document to the "Template" blob parameter.

The P entry in the signature lock dictionary can now be set and retrieved, see de.softpro.doc.SignDocField.getLockMDP() and related functions in that class and other classes. It is now used by de.softpro.doc.SignDocVerificationResult.getModificationState().

Transparency is now supported for documents conforming to PDF/A-2 or PDF/A-3 that have a PDF/A-2 OutputIntent.

New PDF/A documents can be created with de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocumentLoader.createPDFA().

de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.removePDFUA() and properties collection "pdfua" have been added.

Adding attachments to PDF documents conforming to PDF/A-3 has been fixed. A valid MIME type must be supplied for adding attachments to PDF/A-3 documents.

de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.SetFieldFlags.FontWarn and de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.SetFieldFlags.FontIgnore have been removed, de.softpro.doc.SignDocDocument.SetFieldFlags.FontFail is assumed to be always set.