Kofax Process Director for use with SAP Fiori®

Release Notes

4 November 2019

This file contains important information about Kofax Process Director for use with SAP Fiori®


New features and improvements

Fixes with this release


New features and improvements

  • User first and last name in Notes pane

    The "Notes" pane now displays the first name and last name of the users who added notes, instead of the SAP user ID. (RSPDN1315610)

    Prompt to save document changes

    Previously, when using the Accounts Payable Fiori App on a phone, changes to the document were not saved when the user left the document without saving. A popup is now displayed prompting the user to save the changes.

    Logging of class and OData generation

    Class and OData generation information is now stored in the SAP log and can be displayed using transaction SLG1. (RSPDN1297059)

    Fixes with this release

    Short dump in ST22 when accessing the Fiori AP app

    The short dump LOAD_PROGRAM_CLASS_MISMATCH occurred in ST22 when users accessed the Accounts Payable Fiori app on a mobile phone. (RSPDN1293294)

    Search help results not readable on mobile

    The search help results for the “Cost Center” field were not readable on a mobile phone because they were presented in columns. The data is now presented in rows for better legibility.

    Note not saved on query or forward

    If the user clicked the "Query" or the "Forward " button immediately after typing a note, the note was not saved. (RSPDN1323224)

    Not possible to forward to Work Cycle users

    It was not possible to forward documents to Work Cycle users. (RSPDN1293578)

    Not all buttons displayed

    Some of the application buttons were not displayed on mobile phones.

    Incorrect messages in message pane

    Incorrect messages were displayed in the message pane when the user sent a second query for a document.

    Document details not displayed

    Under certain circumstances, the document details were not loaded in the document detail view on receipt of a workflow.


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