Kofax Supplier Portal Synchronizer

Release Notes

9 April 2020

This file contains important information about Synchronizer


New features and improvements

Fixes with this release


New features and improvements

  • Synchronize deleted PO items

    The new purchase order setting "Synchronize deleted items" in /COCKPIT/GC_C2 specifies whether items that have been deleted from a purchase order (flagged as deleted in SAP) are synchronized or not.

    Partner function setting to replace vendor name and number during synchronization

    The new purchase order setting "Partner Function" in /COCKPIT/GC_C2 allows you to specify a partner function to replace the name and number of the vendor during synchronization. When several partners are specified at header level in the purchaser order, Synchronizer checks whether the specified partner function exists in the purchase order and if it does, replaces the vendor name and number with the name and number of the specified partner function.

    Skip synchronization of locked documents

    Synchronization of documents that are currently locked (for example, because they are being edited) is now skipped. A corresponding message is written to the log.

    Activate filter check box renamed

    The "Activate filter" check box in /COCKPIT/GC_SYNC was renamed to "Run full filter for doc type".

    Performance improvement for master data

    Performance was improved for master data processing.

    Document types that cannot be synchronized in full mode not selectable

    In full synchronization mode, it is now no longer possible to select the document types Incoming invoice, Vendor master change request, Portal Supplier and Order confirmation inbound, as these document types cannot be synchronized in that mode.

    Log tree debugging view

    A new option "Display log tree" was added to the /COCKPIT/GC_SYNC transaction. With this view, more detailed information about selected documents is available, and it is also possible to jump directly to the referenced documents' vendors.

    S/4 HANA compatibility

    Synchronizer is now compatible with SAP S/4 HANA.

    Synchronization of all order confirmations

    All order confirmations are now synchronized, both those created in Process Director and those created in the Supplier Portal. Previously only order confirmations created in the Supplier Portal were synchronized.

    General performance improvements

    Code adjustments were made to improve the performance of Synchronizer.

    Fixes with this release

    Filter parameter not applied for documents selected from archive

    For Process Director AP documents, the filter against STATUS did not take into account documents selected from the archive.

    Duplicate fields in selection screen

    On the selection screen in /COCKPIT/GC_SYNC, the same fields were present in the "Common selection filter" and the document type specific filters. The duplicate fields have now been removed from the document type specific filters.

    %FILTER_HASH command returns empty window

    If no filter was defined, the %FILTER_HASH command displayed an empty popup window. Now, if the filter is empty, the %FILTER_HASH is also empty and a synchronization mark is added. The message "Filter hash is empty, please enter filter values" is displayed.

    Purchase orders on hold not synchronized

    Purchase orders that are on hold are now not included in synchronization.

    Vendor master data filter value range ignored

    For the Vendor master data document type, selection filter values were not taken into account; all vendors were synchronized. In addition, the log recorded failed order confirmation documents, even though order confirmations were not selected for synchronization.

    Synchronization markers not created for first full run

    Synchronization markers were not created after the initial synchronization run.

    Incorrect help texts

    The help for Synchronizer (command %HELP) included incorrect and obsolete descriptions.

    Unchanged documents updated on incremental synchronization 

    After incremental synchronization, a message indicated that certain documents had been updated, even though those documents had not changed.


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