Kofax Process Director for use with SAP Fiori® 1.4.0

Release Notes

4 November 2019

This file contains important information about Kofax Process Director for use with SAP Fiori® 1.4.0.


New features and improvements


New features and improvements

Process Director Purchase Orders for use with SAP Fiori®

Process Director for Purchase Orders is now available for use with SAP Fiori®. The app allows users to process Process Director requisition documents in workflow and includes the following functionality.

Process Analytics for use with SAP Fiori

Kofax Process Analytics is a (near) real-time reporting solution for SAP ERP.

For the business user, Process Analytics is a graphical reporting frontend that is lightweight and easy to adopt.

All relevant KPIs and evaluation results are shown on a dashboard overview, with the ability to drill deeper into the data. To keep the overall footprint of the application small, the drilldown capabilities are limited. Instead, the user has the option to jump directly to the focused data in the operational system.

The aggregated data for the reporting frontend is calculated by data flows, which run automatically in the connected source systems. Modification and creation of data flows are done in a separate graphical frontend.

Monitoring tools for the data flows ensure frictionless operation of the reporting framework.

Tax data

Tax information is now available in Process Director Accounts Payable for use with SAP Fiori®.

Specify number of documents to display in Workflow History

A "Filter" button is now available in the "Workflow History" tab of the Accounts Payable App that allows the user to specify how many documents to display in the Workflow History. 

Prompt to save document changes

Previously, when using the Accounts Payable Fiori App on a phone, changes to the document were not saved when the user left the document without saving. A popup is now displayed prompting the user to save the changes.

Option to set default archive document type for Fiori attachment upload

A new "Use notes" type, “F Fiori upload”, is available in /COCKPIT/C18 for document attachments and images uploaded in Fiori.

Logging of class and OData generation

Class and OData generation information is now stored in the in SAP log and can be displayed using transaction SLG1. (RSPDN1297059)


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