Manage configurable keys

The configurable shortcut keys defined in the help are defaults. Your system administrator is able to define different shortcut key combinations for all capture related commands. These new definitions will apply to your entire Kofax TotalAgility system.

Note When designing/customizing shortcut combinations, keys that are reserved by Windows may cause unpredictable behaviors and should not be used. For more information regarding reserved Windows shortcut keys refer to Microsoft Windows documentation. In particular avoid redefining ALT+SPACE and ALT+ESC.

Also, avoid combinations with SHIFT + [numeric keypad key]. The values returned by these combinations change depending on whether the number lock key is on or off.

If your system administrator has elected to redefine one or more shortcuts, the affected keystrokes will differ from the defaults shown in this help. Your administrator should inform you of any changes.

Note Depending on the type of changes made by the administrator, you may see the new combinations in the popup help.

There are two types of customized shortcuts. Some are invoked using a single key, and others require two key presses before the actual command key is pressed. For example holding down the CTRL key followed by the L key is a single-key sequence. CTRL is the key that alerts the system to expect a shortcut. When the L is pressed, the associated command is immediately performed.

Mulitiple-key shortcuts require that there be two keys pressed before the command key. For example pressing and releasing the CTRL key and then immediately holding down the SHIFT key followed by the J key is a two key shortcut that would execute whatever command is associated with CTRL, SHIFT+J.

Note When pressing and releasing the CTRL key, a popup help window appears showing the all the shortcuts that have been defined.