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ActivityType Class Reference

ActivityType class More...


ActivityType class

The enumeration for ActivityType filter setting follows.

-1None (i.e. all activities will be retrieved)
0Script Activity
1Com Activity
2Ordinary Activity
4Transactional Activity
5Create New Job Activity
6Straight Through Activity
7DotNet Activity
8Web Service Activity
9Create Sub Job Activity
10Xml Activity
11CSharp Activity
12VBNet Activity
13Data Access Activity
14Design Activity
15Synchronization Activity
16Sleep Activity
17Job Owner Activity
18Job Variable Info Activity
19Resource Info Activity
20Event Activity
25Extraction Capture Activity
26Separation Classification Capture Activity
28PDF Generation Activity
29Scan Capture Activity
30Validation Capture Activity
31Verification Capture Activity
32Document Review Capture Activity
108Image Processing Capture Activity
109Composite Capture Activity
122Export Capture Activity
123Sign Documents Activity
124CCM Compose And Sign Activity
125CCM Distribute Activity