Notifications - General tab

Use this tab to add a notification. When you click Save, the Add New Notification tab is changed to General, the name of the notification appears in the Navigation panel, and the tabs appear for associating the new notification with shortcuts and form types.


This tab has the following fields.


Select Enabled to use this notification.

Notification Name

Type a name of the notification. It identifies the notification within Administration Console.


Select when the notification is sent:

  • Successful Completion: Sent when Kofax Capture exports the complete batch that was sent from Kofax Front Office Server.

  • Successful Cancellation: Sent when the batch is deleted in Kofax Capture.

    If Kofax Capture is using a custom module, batches are not exported: batches are deleted and a successful cancellation notification is triggered.

  • In-Progress Status: Sent when a batch is passed between queues in Kofax Capture before it is exported.

  • In-Progress Error: Sent when an error in a document causes the batch to be routed to Quality Control.

    An error notification is not generated when the batch is sent to Quality Control as part of the workflow.

  • Transaction Received: Sent when the job was received at the server.

To, Cc, and Bcc

Enter the recipients of the email. You can add more than one recipient by separating the names or email addresses with commas (,).

Include Authenticated User

Select to include the authenticated user who submitted the scan job. The user must log on to the MFP and have an email address associated with the user account to receive an email.


Enter the subject to appear in email notifications.


Type the message that will appear in the email message. You can use macros that are filled in with information about the documents. See Macros for notifications for a list macros and how to use them.