Configure in Settings

To configure two-factor authentication in the Kofax Invoice Portal Settings, follow the steps in this topic.

  1. In Settings > User, under Two-factor authentication setup, click Activate.
  2. Use a two-factor authentication application on your mobile phone, such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, to scan the QR-code.
  3. In the application setup page blank field, enter the six-digit code from the newly created account on your mobile phone and click Continue.
  4. Save the recovery codes. You may need these codes if you, for any reason, will not be able to use this preconfigured application.
    1. Click Copy.
    2. Save the codes to a secure location on your computer.
    3. Click Done.
    4. If you are sure that the recovery codes have been saved, click Done.
  5. When you log in next time, after you enter your credentials, you must enter the two-factor authentication code that is automatically generated on your mobile phone.

    Codes are refreshed every 30 seconds.

    To avoid the time synchronization issue, we recommend that you set your mobile device to the network time.

  6. To disable two-factor authentication, navigate to Settings > User and, under Two-factor authentication setup, click Deactivate.