QuickCapture Pro Release Notes

These release notes contain requirements, installation instructions, and information about fixes and enhancements for this release of QuickCapture Pro.


The QuickCapture Pro application allows users to scan documents with a scanner of their choice, preview and interactively improve image quality, break batches into separate files, index documents and release the document to a workflow process. The indexing forms are centrally managed using AutoCapture.

QuickCapture Pro communicates with the AutoCapture server to retrieve Group, Menu, Form and Action information for presentation on the QuickCapture Pro user interface. There are unique indexing features that are designed to help with indexing documents faster. These features include index data retention across jobs and SnapIt indexing for fast and accurate rule-based point-and-click indexing of documents prior to submitting documents into workflow processes.


AutoStore server version 7.0, 8.0 or 8.1 is installed.


To support staged update, QuickCapture Pro 8.1 can work with earlier AutoStore server version (8.0, 7.0 SP5, 7.0 SP4) for the time of the update procedure.
Note: QuickCapture Pro 8.1 with prior AutoStore server versions is not acvised in production environment.

New features

QuickCapture Pro can connect now to both AutoStore version 7.0 and 8.0.

Fixed issues

Known Issues


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