Configure the @counter function

This function specifies the name format for newly created burst documents.

Use this procedure to configure the @counter function. This function allows you to specify the name format for newly created burst documents. When you use the @counter function, you will get the file name with the counter appended.

The following restrictions apply for the @counter function:

  • The @counter function can be used only when configuring a business rule to burst using page mode.
  • The @counter function can be entered only in the Document Name property.
  • The @counter function is meant to be used by itself. It cannot be used in combination with other variables.
Note: You cannot add variable data with a counter appended using the @counter function. To do this, perform the following workaround: First, set the variable data in another field. Then, in a follow on rule action, use the @parse function combined with the other field to create the document name desired.
  1. Right-click in the Document Name property, and then click Insert Function > @counter.
    This opens the @Counter dialog box.
  2. Specify the Counter length.
  3. Specify the Separator you want to use.
  4. Click OK.
The function is inserted into the Document Name property using the following format:
@Counter(counter length,separator)


If you burst MyDoc into 5 new documents and you specified @Counter(3,#) in the Document Name property, the documents would be named as follows:

  • MyDoc#001
  • MyDoc#002
  • MyDoc#003
  • MyDoc#004
  • MyDoc#005