About User Authentication

Equitrac Embedded for Xerox® EPA-EIP controls access to the print, copy, scan and fax functions of Xerox® multi-function product (MFP) devices by requiring users to enter login credentials, either by using a card or manually entering data on the MFP front panel. This login action initiates an access request.

The Equitrac Device Control Engine (DCE) handles all communication with the MFP devices. Using the Authentication Agent API, the MFP forwards the login request to the DCE, which then contacts the Core Accounting Server (CAS) to verify the user account data associated with the login ID.

The MFP can be configured to lock all or individual services requiring authentication before use. If the CAS verifies the user, the MFP device panel unlocks and is ready for use. If the user is not verified, the MFP remains locked and the user cannot perform any tasks at the device.