Configure on the MFP console

  1. Log into the Tools menu with your Administrator user ID and password.
  2. Touch All Services. Ensure that you can see the Custom Services button. If not, power off/on the MFP and wait until the MFP is ready.
  3. Enter the user name and password.
  4. On the Machine Status screen, touch the Tools tab.
  5. Touch Accounting Services > Accounting Mode.
  6. On the Accounting Mode screen, touch Network Accounting, then touch Customize Prompts.
  7. On the Customize User Prompts screen, touch Display Prompt 1 and 2, then touch Save. Failure to set this option causes transactions to be recorded against “Unidentified user”.
  8. Set Code Entry Validation to Disabled.
  9. Touch the Save button again to save all changes, then log off the MFP Console. Configuration at the console itself is now complete. You now need to complete the rest of the configuration via the web interface.