Xerox ECSP features

Xerox ECSP is a robust application that provides additional functionality beyond print and copy control. This version of Xerox ECSP supports the following features:

  • Follow-You Printing - After successful login at the MFP, the user can access the virtual print queue to "pull" a print job to this device. Through the Follow-You screen on the MFP, users can view documents in the queue, then select, delete, or release documents for printing. See Configuring Secure Printing for configuration instructions, and Using Follow-You Printing for end-user instructions.
  • Scan-to-Me - Allows users to scan a document and email it to their own address, and optionally to other addresses via the CC field (if enabled). Users can specify scan options (e.g. duplex, color, size) and document format prior to initiating a scan. See Scanning for end-user instructions.
  • Capture and Send capability - Allows administrators to create customized work flows for scanning. Xerox ECSP can also use third-party solutions RightFax to scan directly to a Fax number, and SharePoint to store scans in a DMS.
  • Card self-registration - Allows users to associate an unassigned card with their user credentials. Once associated, each time the user swipes the card, the system automatically recognizes the card and associated user. See Configuring Card Self-Registrationfor instructions.
  • Billing Code support - Users can assign their jobs to a particular code, and the Equitrac database tracks the characteristics of jobs assigned to the code. Billing codes must be enabled on the Equitrac server. See Configuring Billing Code Popup Behavior, and also refer to the Creating & Managing Accounts section in the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.
  • Configuration - All installation and configuration tasks can be accomplished easily to configure Xerox ECSP. See Installation and Configuration Requirements, and Server-Side Configuration.