Card Reader Status Messages

Idle Mode

The embedded application indicates swipes through an LED light on the card reader module. The following signals may be displayed on the card reader:

LED Behavior Meaning
Solid red MFP is in Idle mode; it is ready but there is no active session.
Solid green MFP is in Ready mode and a session is active.
Slow flashing green

Data received from card reader, awaiting authentication for active session. The light continues to flash green until the user enters their secondary PIN at the front panel.

If the time-out expires and the user does not enter their PIN, the LED changes back to solid red and the device remains locked.

Slow flashing red No communication between card reader and MFP.

The MFP has two functional modes, Idle mode or Ready mode.

An MFP that is ready for use is in Idle mode. When a user passes a key fob or swipes a magstripe card, the device changes to Ready mode.

The MFP returns to Idle mode when:

  • A user completes a transaction
  • After a specified period of inactivity in Ready mode (Sleep Mode Timer, as configured on the device)
  • The user logs out

When the device is in Idle mode, the LED light on the card reader is solid red.

Ready Mode

When the device is in Ready mode, the LED light on the card reader is solid green and the user can begin using the controlled device to perform a transaction.