Overview of the deployment process

The process of deploying the Unified Client for Xerox follow these general steps.

  1. Perform prerequisite steps:
    1. Make sure your devices and configuration meet the requirements. See System requirements.
    2. Install ControlSuite components and servers.
    3. Configure ControlSuite and the devices. See Prepare for deployment of Unified Client for Xerox.
    4. Make sure the server, all components, and devices are licensed.
  2. Set up devices.
    1. Install Unified Client for Xerox.
    2. Configure the device certificate on the device.
  3. Use DRS to add the application and add and register devices.
    1. Create and add the application in DRS.
    2. Add and configure devices in DRS.
    3. Register devices in DRS.
  4. Update the server device configuration to make sure that the devices have the right settings.

    If you add devices automatically, the color or black-and-white setting may be incorrect. Review the settings and update them as needed.

  5. Set up your first workflow and use it to verify the configuration. See Create a first workflow.