Use Follow-You Printing

  1. Login at the device: Enter valid login credentials using the on-screen keyboard (invoked by tapping within the User ID field), or by using a swipe card.
  2. The Launcher screen appears.

    Press the Follow-You Printing container from the displayed functions. The Follow-You Printing screen displays all the queued documents associated with your login credentials or release key. By default, the list displays documents in order from longest-queued to most-recently queued.

  3. The Print Job View containing all the print jobs appears:

    Press the Back button on the device to get back to the Launcher Screen.

    The Select All is displayed as the first option. Select Select All and click OK:

    Follow-You Printing jobs screen.

    Then all the available jobs selected and the Unselect All option is added:

    If you select the Unselect All option and click OK, all the items will be unselected and you will back to the Print Job View.

  4. Select the job(s) that you want to print and press OK.
    • If no option is selected, you can proceed to the next screen.
    • If no option is selected or if the list is empty, when you click OK, the document list will be refreshed from the Equitrac server.
  5. An Action Screen appears.

Available operations on the Action screen:
  • Click Summary to preview detailed information from the print jobs.

    The Summary Screen displays all the information related to the print job including:
    • User's balance at the time of release
    • Total cost of selected jobs
    • Total number of pages
    • Total number of documents selected
    • Simple/Duplex, Color/BW (if BW was selected for printing)

    Click OK to go back to the Action Screen.

  • Click Delete to delete the selected jobs and go back to the Print Jobs screen.
    Note: After you delete any documents from the Follow-You Print job list, jobs cannot be released unless a manual refresh is performed. Manually refresh the job list by pressing the OK button on the Print Jobs screen before selecting any documents to print.
  • Click the Print and Save or Print to go to the Print Settingsscreen

    The Print Settings screen offers two fields so you can customize the printing:
    • Click Copies to select number of copies to be printed. Default number of copies is 1. The 0 value is not allowed.

    • Click Force B/W to decide the color of the print:

      • Click Yes if you want to print the job in black and white.
      • Click No for color prints. Default value is No.

For multiple print jobs selected, the jobs will be released in order from the top to the bottom of the queue.

  • Unexpected behavior may occur if the proper driver has not been configured, including failure to print or duplication of printed documents.

  • Force B/W and Force Duplex are not supported on Inkjet devices. The Follow-You Printing will still show options but the document might be tracked as B/W or Duplex even when the printed pages come out as Color or Duplex.