Deployment steps

  1. Prepare for deployment.
    1. Verify that your device is supported.
    2. Verify prerequisites.
    3. Download the Kofax ControlSuite (or later) installer package.
  2. Install and configure ControlSuite.
    1. Install ControlSuite for Equitrac and AutoStore, or Equitrac only, AutoStore only.

    2. Configure ControlSuite.

    3. License ControlSuite. If AutoStore is installed, License AutoStore.

  3. Configure the Brother device.
    1. Ensure that BSI is enabled on the device.
    2. Ensure that application entry menus and CA certificate entry are available.
  4. Use Device Registration Service (DRS) to configure and deploy the Unified Client.
    1. Create application.
    2. Add the device.
    3. Install and configure.
  5. Create your first AutoStore workflow: Configure Send to Folder workflow.
  6. Create your first Equitrac workflow: Configure Follow-You Printing.