General Tab

Use this tab to set general options of the component and to configure interaction with Bates Stamp Server.

Option Description
Activate Activate the component according to a condition. For more information about conditions, see Conditional Activation.
Pass through

Set this option to Yes to pass the original document to subsequent components in the workflow. If this option is not set to No, the component does not pass the input documents to the subsequent components in the chain.

You can use conditions in this field. For more information about conditions, see Conditional Activation.
Note: If you enter an invalid condition into Pass through box, the activation is Yes by default.
Bates Stamp Mode
Normal Mode If this option is selected, the component will use the stamp type that has been defined in Bates Stamp server. In this case, you must configure the server information:
Server: Input IP address or host name of the machine where the server is running.
Port: Define interaction port.
Administer server: Click this button if you have administrator’s access to the server and want to configure stamps and users. In the dialog box, specify your administrator certificate and click OK. The component will connect to the specified server, and the Administration dialog box will open.
Certificate: Manually specify the file name of your server user's certificate or click the Browse button to browse for the certificate. This file gives your users access to the service.
Stamp: Enter the name of the stamp which you plan to use, or click the Select button to select it from the drop-down list of available stamps provided by the service.
Standalone Mode If this option is selected, the stamp values are defined by the Bates Stamp component. In this case, user must provide this information about:
Start Number: Specify the beginning number value of the stamp.
Digits Number: Specify how many characters are allocated for the stamp element. The number input should in range [1-100].
Process only PDF and TIFF Use this check box to handle the situation when the component receives a file of an unsupported format on input. If this check box is selected and an input file extension differs from .pdf, .tif, and .tiff, the component ignores this file. At run time, the component will display an information message saying that the document has been skipped. If this check box is not selected, then a component accepts only PDF and TIFF documents and rejects other document types and displays an error message at run time.
Note: Regardless of this option, a TIFF file of an unsupported format will be rejected and the component will display an error message. See the list of supported TIFF formats in Restrictions and limitations.
Reject on failure Select this check box to reject a job when the component fails to process input files. All the documents in the job will be rejected if the component fails to process any input file. If this check box is not selected the component will skip the failed file and continue the job. This check box is selected by default.
Apply Click this button to save settings. Incorrect data cannot be saved.
Preview Use this button to generate a preview of the image with stamp in the opened Preview window. This button is enabled only when the Embed stamps into image documents option in Stamp tab is selected.