Required components

AutoStore Server requires a number of external components in order for all of its features to work correctly. These include:

Wide Area Network (WAN)
A WAN is a network that connects different locations. A WAN is important when an AutoStore deployment includes branch locations.
Local Area Network (LAN)
A LAN is a network that serves a single location. It is typically shielded from the Wide Area Network (WAN) by a firewall.
A special filter for network traffic. A LAN typically operates behind a firewall, which separates it from a Wide Area Network or from the Internet.
SQL Server

The AutoStore solution does not require a database to function. Use of Microsoft SQL Server is needed only if using AutoStore components that require it such as Database Lookup form fields and Send to Database route component. Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard, and Enterprise versions are supported.

Web server
AutoStore Web applications require Microsoft's web server, IIS. IIS Express is installed with AutoStore, and may be used with AutoStore when a deployment does not require a separate web server.
Active Directory
AutoStore requires Active Directory Domain Services (or another LDAP service) for authentication and to maintain groups, users, and other topology information. AutoStore also requires a Certificate Authority to implement secure, encrypted data transfer. Active Directory Certificate Services can provide this service.
File Share
AutoStore requires a shared directory for file storage.