Using Conditional Field

This topic provides examples of using conditional fields.

Here are sample workflow use cases with conditional Field:

  • Conditional Activation — This feature is available within Workflow Tracker to Activate tracking of jobs using the Workflow Tracker component only on certain type of jobs.

Conditional Field evaluates the defined “if statement" prior to invoking the component for a particular job. If the conditional statement is True then the Check box is turned ON, otherwise the check box is turned OFF.

Usage Guidelines:

Conditional statements consist of two variables and one condition evaluated within one if statement.

  • The variables are treated as strings when:
    • “=” (equal) is used within the "if statement".
    • “!=” (not equal) is used within the statement.
    Examples of string evaluation of conditional statement:
    • Checkbox ON, if (1 = 01) — Result is False
    • Checkbox ON, if (01 = 01) — Result is True (Component is Activated)
    • Checkbox ON, if (Invoice = Invoice) — Result is True
  • The variables are treated as integers when:
    • <= (Smaller or equal) is used
    • >= (Larger or equal) is used
    Examples of integer evaluation of conditional statement:
    • Checkbox ON, if (1 <= 02 ) — Result is True
    • Checkbox ON, if (05>= 2 ) — Result is True
  • RRT in place of variables — You can use RRT values to build conditional statements that are driven from the Job attributes. Each time a job is submitted to the workflow, the conditional execution allows the value of the variable be set based on the values of RRTs related to that job. Examples of RRT use with Conditional Field are:
    • Checkbox ON, if (~ACC::%DocumentType%~ = Invoice) is True, if the DocumentType variable value is Invoice, or invoice.
    • Checkbox ON, if (~ACC::%DocumentType%~ = ~L1B::<1,1>~) is True, (Component will be activated), if the DocumentType field matches the first barcode on the first page otherwise the conditional statement value is False (the component will not be activated)
    Note: The string comparison is not case sensitive. In other words "Invoice" and "invoice" and "INVOICE" are treated the same. The spaces and tabs are trimmed prior to the conditional check. Symbol characters such as * ? / are treated as literal characters and have no special meaning within the conditional statement.